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3 min readJul 19, 2022

Whale watch is here!

Now it will be easier to know what the big fish are doing! To get the best experience 👇

  • Go to http://dapp.mixsome.cash/
  • Paste the wallet number you want to follow
  • Text to @WhaleAlertsTests in your Telegram
  • Submit your Telegram username to Notification channels.
  • Enjoy.

Automation coming soon

Now we are working on smart contract automation and investment vehicles — stop loss, take profit and other strategies on DEX.

Also some UI updates are coming your way pretty soon.

NFT red carpet, fake adoptions and brave new world

  • Another celebrity in NFT world. Bella Hadid recently announced the launch of her NFT collection; Bill Murray has announced the launch of his Ethereum NFTs in July 2022. And we all remember Melania Trump 😀. Now yet another celebrity is in on it — Tony Hawk has set his sights on his next frontier: the metaverse. The legendary skateboarder announced plans to partner up with The Sandbox to build the “largest virtual skatepark ever made”.
  • Brave new world where NFT is more than a JPG. “I think NFT collections will evolve as media companies [into something] like Disney,” Alex Salnikov, co-founder and head of product at NFT marketplace Rarible. Major NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles propelled their collections beyond just images and into different sectors. Doodles plans to expand its intellectual property into music, gaming and entertainment. BAYC was planning a three-part film series called “The Degen Trilogy.” These developments are just the beginning of what’s in store for NFT expansion into becoming a mainstream brand
  • Adoption (or not so much). Major car manufacturer KIA has launched NFTs based campaign in the USA. Called “Built for Whoever You Are” the campaign represents a milestone for digital assets adoption. The NFTs will highlight the “individuality” of Kia Soul’s 2023 model or maybe they just following the trend and catching the wave (too late).
  • When everything is down not everything is really really down. The majority of the surviving protocols with the biggest revenue are decentralized financial platforms. Decentralized applications (DApps) and protocols that share fees with token holders and liquidity providers are also profit-positive. Protocols that provide token holders with passive revenue streams have a stronger chance of surviving till the start of the next bull market as the bear market continues to hammer prices and eliminate unproductive and poorly managed platforms.

About Mixsome

Mixsome is a DeFi tool that helps create and optimize DeFi strategies by allowing customers to mix different DeFi protocols and tokens into customized token baskets. Customers can set up a different number of DeFi protocol tokens, and then Mixsome mixes it into the same transaction, allowing customers to benefit from DeFi growth and yields by building custom strategies simply and conveniently. Furthermore, customers can create different strategies simultaneously and manage their risks without sacrificing potential yields.

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