Update! Roadmap for the upcoming next 12 months

  1. Proposals/Governance system.
    Users will be able to propose a feature or vote by staking SOME tokens.
  2. Multipool investments.
    1 transaction allowing users to add assets to multiple DeFi investment flows.
  3. Multi clients investment pools.
    Pool of funds smart contract if it reaches a certain goal transaction is executed and funds are sent to DeFi protocol, after reaching maturity users can collect returns this way lowering the amount that each individual user spends on gas fees.
  4. Approval manager.
    While using DeFi protocols or any smart contract you give the approval to a smart contract for spending your tokens on your behalf, it is a great security measure if it is implemented correctly, however, still, most of the smart contracts on approval ask for maximum transfer value (232–1) as a default to save some gas fees on recurring transactions. In case of a hack or malicious smart contract, it can take the approved token amount and transfer it out of your wallet. That’s why we are building a dashboard panel where users could monitor and at any given moment retract these approvals.
  5. Whale watch + hunt.
    Users will be able to add any wallet address, track it every time the transaction is executed, and get notifications on Telegram/Discord. Users can set upside/downside alerts and thresholds for transaction value in dollars. To make whale watching more fun we are bringing social incentives to share your caught whales or maybe if you are the whale who is jumping to the surface, encourage others to follow? You will earn SOME tokens by catching whales and providing insights, others will see whale mass index calculated by the consistency of the price impacts and stake SOME tokens for caught whales addresses this way, discovering heaviest, strongest whales and getting price impact notifications.
  6. TrustWallet, WalletConnect, SafePal.
    To make it easier for users who do not use Metamask.
  7. More networks: Polygon/Avalaunch/Solana.
    All blockchains have their own specifics and we want to cover the most popular ones.
  8. More detailed transaction history.
    We will add icons for tokens/NFTs you are transacting with and indicators to understand the inflow/outflow of tokens and NFTs.
  9. More detailed DeFi tab.
    Decoding smart contracts function calls on our dashboard will provide data on the staked/reward positions — how much you will earn; will you receive a reward token; what is the possibility of impermanent loss; we will calculate balances and how much you earned or lost.
  10. NFT data feed.
    Your portfolio NFTs floor price and average price for which you can sell it.
  11. Website mobile support.
    Dapp accessible through mobile platforms by connecting through Metamask Android/iOS app.

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