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2 min readMay 13, 2022

Put future in your own hands and we’ll help

Have an idea but no manpower to make it happen? Let SOME help. Now you can submit a proposal. Once it gets whitelisted in 24h, others can up vote it. Those with the most up votes will be used to develop new features. 👉 👉 Features Request.

Waiting for your ideas 💡

Just recently SOME made 👉 Mobile support, Multiple wallets to connect, Avalanche and Polygon networks support, NFTs Average Price and Floor Price indicators.

Watching the Big Fish

At the moment SOME team is working on few key features:

👉 Whale watching.

👉 Tools for making staking pools.

April in the world of NFT and DeFi

  • Panicrelief and panic again, relief coming soon. March wasn’t good for NFT’s but then — big rebound (see below). Than Elon says the word fungable about non-fungable, cha cha, panic again, Wall Street Journal says “The NFT market is collapsing” though data says otherwise. 😁
per @ASvanevik
  • Coinbase x NFT. The keyword here is sloooooow. OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace globally, had nearly $3.5 billion in NFT volume across roughly 350,000 users since April 20. OpenSea’s volume was over 500,000% higher than Coinbase NFTs during that time frame. If you good at something it doesn’t mean you good at everything.
  • Binance to invest in Twitter & wins regulatory approval to run in France too. What it all means? It’s yat another small step for crypto to mainstream. Crypto tribe now, crypto socie — soon. 😀 Nothing big but it adds up — apartment Sold for Bitcoin in Portugal After New Regulation Allows Property Deals in Crypt
  • Moonbirds. 10,000 non-fungible tokens issued under the ERC-721 standard on Ethereum’s network that took flight on April 16th. After two days on the market — $281 million in sales volume. NFT community have seen many things — but even them got stunned by great big success.

About Mixsome

Mixsome is a DeFi tool that helps create and optimize DeFi strategies by allowing customers to mix different DeFi protocols and tokens into customized token baskets. Customers can set up a different number of DeFi protocol tokens, and then Mixsome mixes it into the same transaction, allowing customers to benefit from DeFi growth and yields by building custom strategies simply and conveniently. Furthermore, customers can create different strategies simultaneously and manage their risks without sacrificing potential yields.

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