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2 min readAug 6, 2022

Popular whales watching!

New feature — popular whale wallets.

Automation coming soon

Now we are working on smart contract automation and investment vehicles — stop loss, take profit and other strategies on DEX.

Also some UI updates are coming your way pretty soon.

NFT & DeFi news: Expansions, regulations, copyright and Africa

Destination web2 ant physical world. Instagram is expanding NFT Support to 100 Countries. This move could bolster the tech giant’s hopes of broadening its authority in the NFT industry. They say it’s only a matter of time before Facebook follows. So basically you will be able to share your Web3 life on Web2. Meanwhile, the first NFT art gallery opens in Rīga, Latvia.

Welcome, Africa. As of today, more than 300 million people globally own and use cryptocurrencies. Over 18,000 companies accept crypto payments for their products or services. And in the light of so called cryptomeltdow — Africa’s crypto adoption numbers continue to break records. During the first half of 2022, African blockchain companies attracted $304 million in funding, almost triple the $127 million received across 2021.

Tempting and attempting to regulate. A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday proposed a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies, the latest attempt by Congress to formulate ideas on how to oversee a multibillion-dollar industry. The bill would require all cryptocurrency platforms — including traders, dealers, brokers and sites that hold crypto for customers — to register.

CC0 (creative commons) summer. Moonbirds just made all their NFTs public domain. It simply means “no rights reserved” on intellectual property. It’s a form of copyright that allows creators to waive legal interest in their work and move it, as far as possible, into the public domain. This means that anyone can now use Moonbirds NFT art freely without any copyright restrictions. There were others to do so this summer — for example — Goblintown.

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