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3 min readNov 15, 2022


NFT Picks

Flipping NFT demands a lot of research and work. So Mixsome and Whale Watchers Club created NFT picks — the tool to follow the best NFT flippers and most profitable projects.

You can see how much profit on average each whale makes, what NFTs they own, the profit per trade, and the history of all transactions. Useful stuff.


Connect your wallet and manage all your assets: tokens, NFTs, check all your transactions history, and approvals you have made. Especially useful if you have many things going on.

Whale Watching

Easy way to know what the big fish are doing!

  • Paste the wallet number you want to follow.
  • Text to @WhaleAlertsTests in your Telegram.
  • Submit your Telegram username to Notification channels.

Or simply choose one of the Popular Whales, follow, and get some insights and ideas.

Join Whale Watchers Deck to get even more insights and participate to get bounties.

Meta Good News on Adoption

Meta will allow creators to sell NFTs directly on Instagram. Meta is expanding its support for NFTs in a major way. The company is now allowing some creators to make and sell digital collectibles directly on Instagram. until now, Instagram users have only been able to show off their digital collectibles. Now, Instagram will have an “end-to-end toolkit” so creators can make NFT collections and sell them to their fans and followers.

Nike dotSwoosh will sell NFT shoes starting ‘under $50’. Nike is building the platform, first and foremost, by focusing on consumer pain points around NFTs, a digital asset that generally requires the purchaser to juggle fluctuating cryptocurrencies, virtual wallets, and the unending debate of where a piece of media traced to the blockchain lives on the internet.

About Mixsome

Mixsome is a Defi tool that helps create and optimize Defi strategies by allowing customers to mix different Defi protocols and tokens into customized token baskets. Customers can set up a different number of Defi protocol tokens, and then Mix some mixes into the same transaction, allowing customers to benefit from DeFi growth and yields by building custom strategies simply and conveniently. Furthermore, customers can create different strategies simultaneously and manage their risks without sacrificing potential yields.

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