Mixsome Announces Uniswap and PancakeSwap Listing for $SOME Token

Following the completion of our highly successful and oversubscribed seed and token generation fundraising events, we are excited to announce that the $SOME token is almost officially available to trade on popular decentralized exchanges Uniswap and PancakeSwap. $SOME token is the native utility token of the Mixsome ecosystem, serving as the backbone that powers the ecosystem and rewards stakeholders proportionally for platform growth.

The listing of the $SOME token on the two DEXs will take place on April 22, 2021, at 4PM UTC, directly following the completion of the $SOME IDO on MANTRA DAO’s ZENDIT launchpad. We want users to have instant access and usability of their $SOME tokens, so we prioritized getting the token listed as soon as possible to bolster end user possibilities and get eagerly waiting participants on the sideline involved.

Users will have access to $SOME on two of the most popular decentralized exchanges globally, Ethereum-based Uniswap and Binance Smart Chain-based PancakeSwap. Both platforms offer industry-standard fees and liquidity for their networks, setting a precedent for all other decentralized exchanges and what they should be offering their users. These exchanges represent the best possible access point for our users on multiple chains, so we opted to include both right off the bat since they each present unique benefits. Users that want to stock up on $SOME to take advantage of our intuitive platform will finally have the chance by using the open trading market.

Mixsome is Ready to Take the DeFi World By Storm

With the expansion of possibilities in defi coming alongside a massive influx of user interactions, Ethereum and defi transactions are becoming more expensive than ever, especially when operating with multiple smart contracts at once. Mixsome solves this problem in more than one way, offering a technical and financial solution that allows for one-click distribution of funds into defi applications while only paying a singular transaction fee. This means users can easily swap digital assets and cryptocurrencies, deploy them to yield-generating applications, and receive future rewards in one transaction with one fee, mitigating many of the barriers holding users back from utilizing these types of applications.

Mixsome offers different yield-generating application options based on a user’s risk tolerance, allowing for more customizability and for users to feel comfortable with deploying their assets. Every time a user conducts a transaction on the application, they are rewarded MIX tokens for their interaction with the network. The more network interactions they create, the more MIX they earn as a reward, which they can then exchange for $SOME tokens. This means that the value of $SOME tokens directly correlates to the value of transactions taking place within the platform, creating a clear path of value for all stakeholders involved.

As DeFi continues to gain popularity, Mixsome finally makes it easy for regular users to get involved, even by just using USD-pegged tokens. As the industry matures, platforms like Mixsome continue to innovate and add more value to the ecosystem, generating more confidence and value for all involved. With the official trading launch of $SOME tokens on the open market, a new era of easier DeFi accessibility has just officially begun.

About Mixsome

At Mixsome, we have a simple but powerful goal, to maximize DeFi flows for the masses. It is still very complicated to interact with DeFi applications, and it can be extremely costly, so we have developed a platform that simplifies the process and bypasses the majority of the end user costs. Using our xDai Chain integration, an Ethereum layer two scaling solution, we’ve created a one-click dashboard that allows users to efficiently distribute their holdings to yield generating smart contracts safely and securely.

When using Mixsome, you only have to pay a single transaction fee for multiple operations, a massive cost-saving opportunity for users of all experience levels. Mixsome offers anyone the ability to convert, send, and deposit cryptocurrencies across select Ethereum applications like never before.

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