Mixsome Announces Token Allocation Mining In Collaboration With Launchpool

We are very excited to host our Token Allocation Mining Event through Launchpool on 16th April. Launchpool has fast become DeFi’s most trusted token launchpad, promoting a #FairLaunch4All. Meanwhile, Mixsome is working to #BrkZDeFiWall so that DeFi trades become simple, accessible and affordable to all users, no matter how familiar they are with crypto.

So it is no surprise that Mixsome decided to go through the Launchpool AME (Allocation Mining Event) process so as to start their DeFi lives off as an inclusive project that seeks to guarantee a #FairLaunch4All.

What to Expect

We want to get Mixsome community involved to the maximum level, so we have devised a Token Launch plan that will collectively benefit everyone. Our AME is all set to take place on April 16th, supporting Launchpool stakeholders with a simple process. We will be dedicating 6,472,492 $SOME tokens for the AME, representing 5.1% percent of the total token supply. At a price of $.07725 per token, we are planning to raise $500,000 through this offering. This is a very advantageous price for our future platform contributors, as it is the same price as in private sale.

$SOME Tokenomics can be found here.

How does $SOME AME work

Here is how the Mixsome Allocation Mining Event (AME) will work. $LPOOL holders are able to express their interest starting in Mixsome to participate in the private round Allocation Mining. Users will be able to access Mixsome project page and information pertaining to the opportunity, and he can stake his $LPOOL to start accumulating a private-tier allocation. The more tokens an individual wallet has and the length of their staking time will determine the allocation offer.

Once finalized after the staking period, the user will have 24 hours to accept the allocation or not, and another 24 hours after that to satisfy all the requirements of the private sale. Then they can make their payment, and receive their staked $LPOOL tokens back. Their newly purchased $SOME tokens will be entered into a vesting smart contract, where they will be made available to the user according to the terms of the private round.

Link to Launchpool — app.launchpool.xyz

About Mixsome

Mixsome is a powerful decentralized financial tool that utilizes smart contracts and DeFi strategies to offer its users an accessible and cost-effective flow into high yield decentralized applications. Before Mixsome, operations like liquidity farming and platform staking required in-depth technical knowledge, but now, a single application can instantly complete all of these transactions with the push of a few buttons. By combining each transaction into a bundled singular smart contract, Mixsome offers substantial APYs without users having to suffer from excessive network fees.

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Create Yield Generating Flows with DeFi Lego

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